Scientific engagement

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  • 03/2024: Organization of the Politolinguistische Nachwuchskolloquium zur politischen Sprache und Kommunikation (20./21.03.2024) with Christina Liemann and Hanna Poloschek 
  • 10/2023: Organization of the panel discussion "Terror for the climate (?)" as part of the photo exhibition on the Unword of the Year 2022 "Climate terrorists" (18.10.2023) with Dr. Julia Drube. Guests: Dr. Raphael Döhn, Dr. Andreas Gutmann, Ernst Hörmann, Prof. Dr. Martin Reisigl
  • WS 2022/23: Organization of the lecture series "Apokalypse & Apathie. Ability (or inability) to act in the context of climate change" of the IAG Climate Thinking
  • 07/2022-04/2023: Speaker of the IAG Climate Thinking
  • 07/2022: Leader of a studio "(In)Appropriate Language Strategies in the Art World" as part of the 3rd KuLi conference "Culturally Constructive" with Tamara Bodden (Geneva, 30.06.-02.07.2022)

  • since 01/2022: Podcast "Vom Reden über Kunst" together with Tamara Bodden, Andreas Gardt and Paul Reszke

  • since 12/2021: Coordinator of the humanities and cultural studies doctoral program GeKKo (FB02)