Climate Thinking

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Climate Thinking was founded in 2019 as a research and teaching project at the University of Kassel. In 2022, it was developed into an IRG (Interdisciplinary Research Group).

We focus on developing transdisciplinary approaches to cultural and societal constellations in which the problem complexes climate crisis and sustainability are talked about, thought about, and told stories about.

We develop critical approaches to these problem complexes in our research, embed our questions and methodologies into the courses we teach, and discuss our processes together with the public in order to reflect and expand them.

We understand the constant expansion of our methodological inventory as a necessary process in order to understand those interrelationships between our mental and behavioral habits that constitute the problem complexes climate crisis and sustainability in terms of their societal embedment.

Current: "Fantastic Climates"

15th Annual Conference of the Society for Fantastic Research
September 5 - 7, 2024
Submissions for presentations or panels are still possible until February 29, 2024 to!

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