Supervised theses

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  • Lachnitt, Mirjam: Animal suffering versus human suffering. On the ethical justifiability of medically (necessary?) animal experiments
  • Fuhrmann, Kathinka: Religion and culture. Aesthetic and performative processes of prayer using the example of contemplation
  • Cordes, Adrian: The denial of free will by the New Naturalism as a challenge for theology
  • Wehner, Elina: Church marriage of homosexual couples? Arguments of a current debate
  • Ijaniyi, Daddy: The baptism of the immature - confessional-theological perspectives
  • Beutelmann, Felix: Love as the only norm? - Aporias and readjustment of Catholic sexual doctrine
  • Günther, Dorothea: Women as priests? Arguments of a current discussion
  • Niehoff, Rebecca: When time and eternity coincide....Concepts of time in Søren Kierkegaard and Kohelet
  • Thüne, Johannes: History as construction. On the self-understanding of theology and church history
  • Ruvio, Valentina: Creation or evolution? On the relationship between theology and natural science 
  • Murano, Francesca: Active euthanasia as a moral-theological challenge - a debate about the self-determined end of life
  • Mocigemba, Mathias: Jesus in Islam and Christianity 
  • Lemoine, Friederike: Ending the life given by God in a self-determined way. Is Christian euthanasia compatible with faith?
  • Knippschild, Florian: Mangas - a laboratory of Christian theology?
  • Kara, Lara: Belief in the same God? The image of God in Christianity and Islam
  • Kaiser, Dominik: God's love - the cause of earthly suffering? Explorations on the problem of theodicy 
  • Homburg, Alicia: Transsexuality in public debate and Christian perspective
  • Gabel, Jonas: "Yes, I do!" - Or not? On the situation of Christian marriage in the postmodern age 
  • Wittmann, Sarah: Liberation of creation. Perspectives on ecofeminist theology 
  • Mendes, Ricardo: The chaos motif in Christian tradition and cinematic representation 
  • Asleh, Julian: Is killing allowed from a Christian perspective? 
  • Witzel, Patricia: God as a guest in the stranger. A systematic-theological investigation of a biblical motif 
  • Hesseler, Mareike: Who judges, lets his emotions remain silent? A critical examination of the role of emotions in moral philosophical theories of justification 
  • Dieter, Katharina: "Grafted into the tribe of Israel". On the relationship between the Church and Judaism 
  • Starz-Bühler, Franziska: The influence of Augustine on the magisterial understanding of sexuality. An investigation based on central texts since the encyclical "Casti Conubii" 
  • Slawik, Nathalie: Harry Potter and the mystery of evil. An investigation from a theological perspective 
  • Mühlens, Alexander: What comes after death? Concepts of the afterlife in Christianity and Islam