"I-want-to-learn-German" with UMFs

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Use of the e-learning portal "ich-will-deutsch lernen" in German lessons with unaccompanied refugee minors (UMF)

The aim of the project was to test the use of the "ich-will-deutsch-lernen" portal in order to integrate it into the classroom in the future. Another goal was to make suggestions for improvement to the providers and authors of the portal, if necessary, in order to make the e-learning portal even more usable.

After working with the portal, the students agreed that it was worthwhile to work with the learning platform despite the great effort involved. During the lessons, they were able to involve the participants in a contemporary self-directed and self-responsible learning process and observed the increasing motivation of the learners through the use of digital media. The obvious enthusiasm of the participants was a reward for the time-consuming preparation of the lessons and the elaborate structure of the materials and media.

In the subsequent project report, the students developed a number of suggestions for improving the design of the learning platform. They hope that the project and the evaluation of their own work with the learning platform can contribute to its further development in order to inspire as many teachers as possible to use the e-learning portal "ich-will-deutsch-lernen" and to make it easier to use.