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Interaction competence in DaFZ

Cooperation and Interaction in GFL/GSL

5th online conference - November 8 and 9, 2024

Cooperation and Interaction in GFL/GSL: Call for Papers

4th Online Conference "Interactions Between Teaching and the Living Environment"

Publication of the 3rd issue of the "Zeitschrift für Interaktionsforschung in DaFZ"

The third issue of the "Zeitschrift für Interaktionsforschung in DaFZ" has just been published. It brings together articles in which the numerous facets of interactional competence are examined from different perspectives, thus contributing to a further differentiation and modeling of the term through context-specific descriptions and providing food for thought for research and teaching practice.

Publication of the 3rd issue of the "Zeitschrift für Interaktionsforschung in DaFZ" : Zur Zeitschrift

"DigiLex UniComm" is online!

The freely accessible digital service DigiLex UniComm offers (international) students a large repertoire of expressions for dealing with university communication situations, including detailed descriptions of their specific conditions of use. This gives them the opportunity to prepare themselves independently for key university communication situations at any time and from any location.

"DigiLex UniComm" is online!: More

"Mein Studienstart in Deutschland" is online!

"Mein Studienstart in Deutschland" is a freely accessible digital service that allows both prospective students and first-year students from all over the world to prepare for their studies at a German university independently, across disciplines and independent of location, time and textbooks.

"Mein Studienstart in Deutschland" is online!: More

Fifteenth issue of our newsletter. Previous issues of the newsletter can be viewed here.

VocationalGerman lessons [Status: May 17, 2022]

In light of the current demand for skilled workers, the topic of "vocational German lessons" is becoming increasingly important. From 01.07.2022, teachers must provide proof of a qualification for teaching job-related German language skills in accordance with the regulation for job-related German language support (§18 Para. 5 DeuFöV) in order to be allowed to teach in vocational language courses.

The Master's degree program in German as a Foreign and Second Language at the University of Kassel includes courses on numerous aspects of vocational German language teaching. The individual courses are integrated into various modules.

The coursework and examinations completed in these courses in the field of "Vocational German Teaching" are certified separately so that they can be submitted to the BAMF for examination after graduation.

Recognition is currently based on individual case decisions. If the requirements stipulated by the BAMF are met, the qualification to teach job-related German language skills is deemed to have been proven.

Information for students majoring in BA German Studies/Module 13: Practical Orientation II B: Career-related project work in GFL/German Studies (specialization module)

Here, BA students majoring in German Studies will find details on practical module 13 (II B), which they can complete as part of selected courses in the DaFZ Master's program.