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Lecturer for special tasks (since 04.2022)

Lecturer (2015 - 2021)

Courses in all modules on the following focal points (selection):

  • Scientific work
  • Academic language German
  • Writing skills
  • Learner autonomy and learning strategies
  • Vocational German teaching
  • Digital media and media didactics
  • Lesson design and implementation (as part of the teaching internship)

Participation in the digital project "DigiLex UniComm"(, a further development of the formulation dictionary UniComm Deutsch (video creation), 2022

HMWK project to support international first-year students "Mein Studienstart in Deutschland"( 2020 - 2022

Internationales Studienzentrum/Sprachenzentrum, University of Kassel: Lecturer for the DSH preparation courses (2017-2020)

TestDaF Institute Bochum: TestDaF assessor (2013-2021)

Institute for Languages, Kassel: DaF summer courses B1- C2 (2011)

Berufsbildungswerk (BBW) Nordhessen, Kassel: DaZ support and remedial teaching in all areas of training (2003-2011)

Sprache & Bildung GmbH Gesellschaft für Aus- und Weiterbildung, Kassel: DaF and integration courses (2002-2003)

(2023) [together with Anja Häusler & Nadja Wulff] [issue edition]: InfoDaF 2023/50 (5): Transformations in German as a foreign and second language: 'in the thick of it' in theory, practice and digitalization. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter.

(2023) [together with Holger Schiffel]: Review of Braun, Angelika & Klimaszyk, Petra (2022): Interaction - digital and networked. Issue 66 of the journal Fremdsprache Deutsch. Berlin: Erich-Schmidt-Verlag. In: Journal for Intercultural Foreign Language Teaching 28: 1, 513-519. URL:

(2016) Lexical text structure in academic writing in German as a foreign language. An empirical study on the acquisition and use of text-organizing expressions by international GFL students. Dissertation. Kassel: university press GmbH.