Propaedeutic Course "My Start of Studies in Germany

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An offer for refugees and international first-year students who are willing to study

The aim of this sub-project was to create materials, tasks and exercises that can be used in language and content preparation for studying in Germany, both in language courses and in self-study. The materials created are intended to support international first-year students in acquiring language skills and to prepare them for academic communication at a German university. The "Propädeutikum" is nowonline   and can be found at .

The web offer for the acquisition of scientific language skills includes listening and reading texts as well as a series of explanatory videos on the German university landscape and the local university teaching and learning culture. For all listening and reading texts, various exercises in the format of the DSH examination (German Language Examination for University Admission) are available for self-study.

The service also includes a podcast with currently 40 episodes in which international students and alumni from more than 25 different countries give an insight into their successful educational paths in more than 35 subjects at over 20 different German universities. These personal accounts of successful study paths are intended to help prospective students prepare for the German higher education system. You can listen to the podcast at:

My Start of Studies in GermanySpotify and Apple Podcasts.


Dr. Irina Völz (LfbA: Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache)

Project management

Prof. Dr. Karin Aguado Padilla (Fachgebietsleitung »Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache« / Geschäftsführende Direktorin DaFZ)

Kurt-Wolters-Straße 5
34125 Kassel