Doctorate/scientific career(s)

Doctoral Committee FB 02

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Kreuzer (Chairwoman)
Prof. Dr. Holden Härtl
Prof. Dr. Paul-Gerhard Klumbies
Dr. Lars Heiler
Dominik Watzl (student member)

Johanna Bender
Phone: 0561 - 804 7032
Fax: 0561 - 804-3341

Graduate Academy

The pages of the Graduate Academy of the University of Kassel provide general information for doctoral candidates, postdocs and junior research groups as well as for supervisors:

Doctoral and habilitation regulations

All information on the topics of doctoral studies and habilitation can be found on the website of the PhD office


Information on completed and ongoing research projects at the Faculty of Humanities can be found on the central research portal of the University of Kassel.

The doctoral program "GeKKo" is an offer for the structured supervision of doctoral candidates, which complements the subject-specific supervision by the individual professors in a decisive way.

Thanks to the Röver Stiftung the Faculty of Humanities has the opportunity to award an annual prize of 1,000 euros for an outstanding dissertation successfully defended in this Faculty.