Praxis coordination

"What do you do with it after you graduate?"

While you are studying, you will be asked this question again and again. Not least you yourself would like to have an answer as to where you can work later. However, since there are many possibilities after a humanities degree, the question cannot be answered in a blanket manner.

In addition to your specialized knowledge, your interests and interdisciplinary skills will also play a role. You can already learn and deepen important skills for professional practice during your studies, at extracurricular offers of the university and during your internship.

The practice coordination supports you in the organization of your internship and in questions of career orientation with various offers.

Step by step through the internship

An internship is the best way to find out what you (don't) want, gain valuable experience and network with important contacts.

All info on how to organize and register for an internship as part of your studies can be found on the following websites:

Practice Program

Every semester, the practical coordination offers information events, excursions to companies as well as workshops for career orientation for all interested students.

A few events are also key competency eligible. More info can be found in the descriptions.

Practice Program: Weiter zum Programm

Contact practice coordination

Melanie Löber
University of Kassel
Department 02
Kurt-Wolters-Str. 5
34125 Kassel
Room 3059 (3rd floor)

+49 561 804-7464

P.O. Box: Room 4012 (4th floor)

Availability (by mail and telephone):
Monday - Wednesday 8:30-12:30 hrs.
Thursday 8:00-16:30

In person (or via Zoom): by appointment by mail


Further tips on career orientation and internships are collected and regularly updated in the Moodle course "Internship & Prospects FB 02".

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