Our courses and exams

About our courses

The Sprachpraxis (language practice) courses primarily concern using English accurately and effectively, both in terms of written and spoken language.


In English 1, we focus on improving students' knowledge of English grammar, and on written communication in the form of essay writing, emphasising the importance of precision, conciseness, and clarity. To achieve this, we look at how to structure writing to maximise readability as well as accurate grammar and vocabulary.


In English 2, we shift mainly to spoken language, in particular fluency, accuracy, and pronunciation. Some English 2 courses have a specific thematic focus, usually indicated in the course title. Most English 2 courses also incorporate some written work, for example creative writing, essay writing or reading comprehension.


Some students then take our English 3 courses, in which we practise more complex writing and German-English translation of news articles. Here, students focus on idiomatic English and avoiding common errors that are made by German native speakers in particular. MA students can also opt to work on reading comprehension at this level.

About our module exams

In the documents below, you can find detailed information about the Sprachpraxis module examinations at English 1, English 2 and English 3 levels. In the documents you will find the following:

  • What each exam involves
  • What is expected
  • How it is graded