Registration for courses

Registering for Sprachpraxis courses WiSe 2023-24

Registration for Sprachpraxis courses in the winter semester 2023-24 will begin on Monday, 4 September for all English 1 courses and on Monday, 25 September for all English 2 and English 3 courses.

You will find detailed instructions for the different levels in the "Information" box on the right. Please download the relevant handout and read the instructions carefully.

Please note the following:

  1. There is a separate instruction sheet for Grundschullehramt (L1) Kurzfach PO 2023 as the instructions for this cohort of students are different. Please make sure you download the form that is relevant to your course of study and exam regulations ("Prüfungsordnung/PO").
  2. The registration process for English 1 courses is different this semester from previous semesters. If you enrolled in English 1 courses in a previous semester and wish to enrol in an English 1 course for the WS23-24, please read the  updated instructions carefully and do not assume you already know what to do based on last semester's registration process.  


Below the detailed instructions, you will also find the priority registration forms for BA / MA and for teaching students.