The Research Unit Sociological Theory pursues the approach of a problem-centered teaching of theory, which promotes research-based learning among students at an early stage. Basic problems that are to be addressed across the sociological schools of theory are, for example, the social relationship to nature, processes of identity formation, dynamics of the reproduction of social inequality, relations of intentionality and transintentionality, the spectrum of social forms of bonding and relationships, processes of social order formation, cultural diversity, social boundary formation, social bonds of space and time, questions regarding world society and the concept of society, etc.

The Research Unit Sociological Theory participates in all courses of the Department of Sociology. This includes courses in BA and MA Sociology as well as in the teacher training program, especially in the subject "Politics and Economics" as well as in the core studies of education and social sciences. In addition, we have a special responsibility for the MA "Philosophy of Forms of Knowledge" among the interdepartmental collaborations.

Social Theory Lab/Reading Group on the Theory of Society

This mixed event is a permanent institution of the Chair of Sociological Theory. The workshop is open especially to students in their final semesters (BA and MA) as well as to PhD students who wish to discuss the theoretical framework, the research design or to work together on empirical material of their theses, dissertations or projects. Master's students writing their master's thesis in the field of sociological theory can take this event as a master's colloquium.

Please express interest in a workshop date in advance by emailing the instructor (lamla@uni-kassel.de) no later than 10/15/2022. Studies that seek to combine theoretical and empirical research in innovative ways are especially welcome. One to two guest lectures are also scheduled per semester.

50% of the sessions will be designed as a common reading circle, equivalent to half a seminar (see note). In this circle, such recent works are discussed from which sociology may hope for impulses for the further development of social theory. The prerequisite for participation is a high motivation to read difficult, often "thick" books in their entirety and to discuss them together.

In the winter semester 2022/23 we will read the following book (the purchase of which is strongly recommended): Schroer, Markus (2022): Geosoziologie. Die Erde als Raum des Lebens. Berlin: Suhrkamp.

Social Theory Lab/Reading Group on the Theory of Society: Read More

Guide for Scientific Work

The aim of this booklet is to make the path to scientific work easier. It is intended to serve as a guide for writing student research projects and at the same time make transparent what the expectations and requirements are.