Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology is presenting itself on this website with an overview of the teaching offers, its research and the latest projects and publications of the lecturers in the subject of sociology. You will also find a large amount of useful information on study materials, study programs or academic journals. Please contact the lecturers during office hours should you have any questions concerning the studies. Please refer to the information on the personal website of the lecturer. Please also register with the sociology mailing list and do not forget to forward your mails from the university account if this should be applicable.

Studies and Teaching

  • The BA in Sociology offers students a basic and practice-oriented professional qualification. Students especially have numerous options open to them as from the second year of studies.
  • The MA in Sociology program provides students with the competence they require in order to pursue self-imposed questions and objectives so that they can qualify for work in research and practice. The thematic remit “social change and social disparities“ is hereby a joint starting point.
  • The department also offers sociology to diverse other study programs as a minor subject. The students that study it as a minor subject especially acquire important analytical and methodological competences in addition to them gaining an insight into workings of individual social fields.
  • The Department of Sociology is also committed to teacher training programms. The study offer relates both to the basic studies in educational science and the training in the subject “teaching politics and economics“.
  • The Department of Sociology is also committed to quality assurance in teaching. The year-round curriculum for two terms in each case, provides students with a certainty when it comes to them planning their pattern of study. The service promise documents the commitment of the lecturers to supporting the students.
  • Please do not send any questions concerning examination support to the lecturers by email but come to the office hours that are held by the lecturers.