Interactive learning

Online courses on medieval history

The courses, delivered on and integrated into Moodle, allow you to prepare, follow up and revise core content of the history programme, particularly medieval history, anytime and anywhere. These courses form thematically self-contained modules, and combine the communication in our taught courses with the advantages and opportunities offered by e-learning. On the one hand, they allow revision and more in-depth study of content from seminars and tutorials; on the other hand, they offer an ideal foundation to prepare for coursework and examinations. The courses are divided into three sections:

  • Firstly, the topic and learning objectives are clearly defined at the beginning of each unit.
  • Secondly, this is followed by several interactive learning elements, which can be selected individually as needed.
  • Thirdly, exercises lead to immediate and individual feedback on the success of your learning and your state of knowledge.

What subject areas can you study with learning courses in Moodle?

Via the learning platform Moodle, students of history already have access to learning courses offering a range of didactically prepared content on propaedeutics and on the auxiliary sciences of history. As a student you are automatically enrolled in these courses as soon as you have attended a taught course in medieval history.

Anyone who is interested but is not yet enrolled can contact Anna Hollenbach:


TramiTe stands for the project “Transfer of medieval texts into modern IT environments”. Using examples of texts from the records of Cologne’s town council (the Ratsmemorialbücher) from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, students can familiarize themselves with approaches to digitized archival sources, and summaries and editions of these sources.


Overview of further links for image, literature and source searches and important specialist portals for medieval history

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Wilhelm Dilich - Landtafeln hessischer Ämter zwischen Rhein und Weser (2011)

The Landtafeln of Wilhelm Dilich (1571-1650), a fortification engineer, historian and cartographer, are a seventeenth-century cartographic masterpiece. His remit was to produce around 250 maps, recording all the landscapes, towns and castles of the landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel. The work was commissioned by Landgrave Maurice.

Wilhelm Dilich - Landtafeln hessischer Ämter zwischen Rhein und Weser (2011): Read More (German Only)