Representations of the Comechingones - concepts of perception of social development and affective dimensions of Historical Learning


Cooperation partner: Prof. Dr. Raúl Montenegro, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina); Paulina Buscarone (Córdoba/La Falda, Argentina)

Outline: In contrast to the focus on South and Latin American pre-Columbian "advanced civilizations" that has been common in Europe for a long time, this project deals with smaller museums on the regional history of the province of Córdoba (Argentina), using the example of the hunter and gatherer societies of the Comechingones to focus on the interaction between humans and the environment and, in connection with this, to provide new perspectives on social development contexts. In the social context - for example in the field of historical culture - impulses for sensitizing people to historical-ecological contexts often go hand in hand with affective and emotion-oriented approaches. Therefore, historical-cultural offers will also be reflected within the framework of the project.