GDT Eichstätt 2017

"The conference dealt with historical thinking and competence orientation under the title "Making people competent for a life in, with and through history (Kompetent machen für ein Leben in, mit und durch Geschichte)". The occasion of the conference was the publication of the competence structure model of the FUER group 10 years ago. On Wednesday evening, the keynote speakers were to answer the question of the significance of the two history didactic topics in neighboring fields. However, the interest of the scientific meeting was neither a retrospective, nor was the FUER model to be the center of attention. It was rather about the question to what extent there is a common theoretical basis that can orient the future of historical thinking and carry the becoming competent for dealing with history in times of rapid change."

The documents of the workshop conducted by Prof. Dr. Pflüger can be found here:

Pflüger workshop documents


KGD Young Researchers Conference 2018

Junior Conference of the Conference for History Didactics. Association of History Didactics (KGD) at the University of Kassel.

Conference report of the KGD Nachwuchstagung


FUER Young Researchers Colloquium

The department is involved in the research colloquium 'FUER Geschichtsbewusstsein'. This working group regularly organizes colloquia and conferences for the presentation of projects by scholars in the qualification phase.


Workshop: "Saberes marginados"

From 26/09/2022 to 27/09/2022, the department hosted the workshop "Saberes marginados y práchicas archivísticas" of the working group "Dinamicás del Conocimiento".

Flyer for the workshop

Poster of the workshop