Development and Postcolonial Studies Working Paper Series

On this page you will find all previously published issues of the Development and Postcolonial Studies (DPS) Working Paper Series.

The Development and Postcolonial Studies (DPS) Working Paper Series is published by the Chair of Development and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Kassel, until January 2022 supported by the Chair of Global Development at the University Friedensau and the Chair of Global Climate Policy at the University of Hamburg. Since 2023, it cooperates with the Exceed Centre "Global Partnership Network". It provides a forum for innovative research and current debates that provide critical interventions on development studies, postcolonial studies, and their intersection. It welcomes contributions from junior and senior researchers, as well as activist-scholars from Germany and around the world. Manuscripts in English should be sent to Nina Baghery (baghery[at]uni-kassel[dot]de), along with a 50-word biography, an abstract of 150-200 words and up to six keywords.

Twelfth edition

"(How) can public policies enable transformation? - Theory and practice of Post-Development in relation to the state"

April 2023, Ana Agostino and Julia Schöneberg


Eleventh edition

"Alternatives to ‘development’? Exploring counter‐hegemonic practices (with)in politics, economies and knowledges"

October 2022, Julia Schöneberg

Tenth edition
"Mutations of globalisation and local actors’ agency: phenomena of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Uganda’s Busoga region"

February 2022, Esther Kronsbein

Ninth edition

"Layers of Post-Development: De- and reconstructions in a world in which many worlds exist"

February 2021, Julia Schöneberg

Seventh Edition

"Bridging the postcolonial political-economy divide.
Towards a Theoretical Framework"

April 2020, Steffen Haag

Sixth edition

"The legitimation of expulsion in development discourse.
A comparative analysis of World Bank projects in sub-Saharan Africa"

April 2019, Aram Ziai

Fifth Edition

"In Search for a Decolonizing Actor: Contradictions Between Brazilian State Policies and Social Emancipation of Quilombolas"

July 2018, Tereza Ventura

Fourth edition

"Partnership and cooperation in Haiti: Clashes of reality and construction"

March 2016, Julia Schöneberg