Personal Data

Dr. Matthias Kranke

  • 2018 Ph.D. in Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick, U.K.
  • 2009 M.A. in International Relations, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
  • 2008 M.A. in Political Science, Economics and Modern History, University of Trier, Germany
  • 2006 B.A. in Social Science (major: Political Science), Lund University, Sweden (after a study exchange year in 2004–05)



My research examines the politics of global governance with a growing focus on global sustainability governance. Over time, my initial interest in global economic governance has evolved into a more encompassing perspective on the intersections between some of the most pressing economic, social and ecological questions of our time.

Within this remit, I currently investigate how transnational actors navigate the uneasy relationship between the norm of economic growth and sustainability objectives. This entry point allows me to revisit topical questions surrounding (post-)growth from a distinct global governance angle. Driven by an acute personal concern over the intensifying climate, biodiversity, plastics and other ecological crises of planetary scale, I aspire to conduct practically relevant research into socio-ecological transformations and, ultimately, to strengthen the case for ambitious global sustainability governance.

Striving for pluralism and interdisciplinarity, I seek to integrate insights from different fields (such as International Relations, International Political Economy, sociology, ecological economics or sustainability transitions); combine different theoretical perspectives (such as constructivism and performativity approaches); and triangulate desk- and field-based methods (interviews, document analysis, participant observation, network analysis). My varied work on sustainability issues, international organisations, quantification and anticipation has been published in various disciplinary and interdisciplinary journals.