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International House, Mönchebergstraße 11a

Kerstin Droß-Krüpe (Kassel)
Opening Remarks

Session: Ancient Textile Economy and Modern Economic Models 
(Chair: Evelyn Korn)

Laetitia Graslin-Thome (Nancy)
Imported Textiles and Dyes in First Millennium Babylonia: How Can Economic Models Explain the Emergence of New Economic Needs?

Miko Flohr (Leiden)
Evidence, Models, and the Wool Economy of Roman Italy

Wim Broekaert (Ghent)
The Empire's New Clothes. The Roman Textile Industry in an Imperial Framework

16:30 Coffee Break

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Gießhaus der Universität (Mönchebergstraße 5)

18:00 Evening Lecture:

Evelyn Korn (Marburg)
Cloth for Wine or Cloth for Cloth? – David Ricardo and Paul Krugman on Ancient International Trade

19:00 Small Reception


Senatssaal (Mönchebergstraße 3)

Session: Circulating, Moving, Trading and Distributing Textiles I
(Chair: Kerstin Droß-Krüpe)

Agnès Garcia Ventura (Rome)
Textile Trade and Distribution Through Handbooks of Ancient Near Eastern History: a Look From Gender Studies

Sebastian Fink (Innsbruck)
Trade or War? Means of Ensuring Resource-supply in Mesopotamia

10:30 Coffee Break

Salvatore Gaspa (Copenhagen)
Trade and Distribution of Textiles in Ancient Assyria: Problems and Perspectives

Margarita Gleba (Cambridge)
Made in Greece or Product of Italy? Tracing Textile Trade and Distribution in Iron Age Mediterranean Europe

12:30 Lunch Break

Session: Circulating, Moving, Trading and Distributing Textiles II
(Chair: Beate Wagner-Hasel)

Brendan Burke (Victoria)
Phrygian Fibulae as a Marker of Textile Dedication in Greek Sanctuaries

Cecilie Brøns (Copenhagen)
The Peplos Paradigm? Textile Production in Religious Contexts in the 1st Millennium BCE

Sabrina Tatz (Bonn)
Monastic textile production exemplified at the monastery of Deir el–Bachit, Egypt (6th–10th cent.)

15:50 Coffee Break

Session: Circulating, Moving, Trading and Distributing Textiles III
(Chair: Marie-Louise Nosch)

Stella Spantidaki (London)
Information on Trade of Raw Materials and Finished Fabrics in Classical Greece

Orit Shamir (Jerusalem)
Textile Trade to the Land of Israel at the Roman Period According to the Talmudic Sources and the Textiles Finds


Senatssaal (Mönchebergstraße 3)

Session: Imagining, Consuming and Ordering Textiles
(Chair: John Peter Wild)

Maria Papadopoulou (Copenhagen)
Wool and the City: Wool Versus Linen Production in the Egyptian Chora and Consumption in Hellenistic Alexandria

Elisabetta Lupi (Braunschweig)
Milesian Wool in Sybaris

10:30 Coffee Break

Ines Bogensperger (Vienna)
How to Order Textiles in Ancient Times?

Monika Frass (Salzburg)
Kaufverhalten und Textilien im antiken Schrifttum

12:30 Lunch Break

Session: Textile Circulation in the Global Web of Contacts (Chair: Kai Ruffing)

Charlène Bouchaud (Paris)
Emergence of Cotton Production Centres in the Middle East During Antiquity (AD 1st-4th centuries): New Competitors to the Indian Market?

Eivind Heldaas Seland (Bergen)
Here, There and Everywhere: Textile Trade in the Periplus Maris Erytharei

15:30 Coffee Break

Barbara Köstner (Bonn)
Early Examples of Samite and Taqueté in the Roman Empire: Questions of Production, Trade and Function

Helmuth Schneider (Kassel)
Luxus, Massenproduktion und technische Innovationen: Ein Blick auf das römische Handwerk


Senatssaal (Mönchebergstraße 3)

Session: Mapping, Quantifying and Pricing Textile Circulation
(Chair: Helmuth Schneider)

Peter Herz (Regensburg)
Das Preisedikt Diokletians als Quelle des Textilhandels

Peder Flemestad (Copenhagen)
Textile Toponyms in the Edict of Diocletian on Maximum Prices

Herbert Graßl (Salzburg)
Zur Struktur des Textilhandels im römischen Reich

Marie-Louise Nosch (Copenhagen)
Concluding Remarks

*** ***

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