Behzad Azarhoushang

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The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Labour Market Institutions in Host Countries; A Comparative Study of Brazil and China"

It’s widely believed that flexible labour market is precondition for absorbing FDI. Therefore, government of the Host country doesn’t have incentive to improve quality of labour market institutions. The hypothesis are that FDI had negative effects on labour market institutions as well as wage dispersion in Brazil and China.

I will study the situation of labour market institutions in Brazil and China which could absorb high amount of FDI among developing countries during 1990-2010. Furthermore, I will examine the effects of foreign investors on labour market institutions not only before their decision making to invest but only during their presence in host countries via fact finding method. I will use secondary data as well as interview with leader of trade unions, local government, scholars and employer association in both countries.