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Interest representation and Organizing of Roma

In most research, Roma have been overlooked as actors bringing forward interests. Instead, research puts an emphasis on discrimination of the Roma minority. This study, therefore, looks at transnational Roma organizing and mobilizing with a focus on the EU level. The EU level is particularly interesting, because the EU can offer a framework for mobilizing on a transnational level for this group, which is present across many different member states. Additionally, the EU publicly supports free movement of EU citizens, human rights, and antidiscrimination. Nevertheless, it is also caught in between proclamation of these values, actual implementation, and nation-state interests against migration of Roma. Nevertheless, it might be a governmental level more open to Roma demands as well as able to influence member states to fulfill Roma demands. So far, organization of Roma has been a focus of study mostly on the national level. In contrast, this study analyzes transnational organization and possibilities for Roma to present their interest as actors at the EU level.


Domestic Work in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, domestic work is an expanding field of work for both migrants and non-migrants. So far, however, it is not clear what the domestic work sector looks like. Therefore, this research tries to give some insights into who works as domestic worker and how the sector of domestic work is structured. Additionally, this project looks at organizing of domestic workers. Unlike countries in Latin America, domestic workers are neither organized in associations nor in unions. This projects aims to discover explanations for this fact.