Goals and Costs

Depending on the requirements at your home university you can attend theoretical courses and activity courses. For the theoretical courses, we aim to match the syllabus of your home university as much as possible.
Please let us know ahead of time what courses you need. Your Kassel instructor will get in contact with your instructor at home to find out about textbooks, syllabus, and credits. You will receive a student transcript listing all the grades that you achieved and the corresponding credits.

Did you know that you can earn your degree for free in Germany? And, you don’t need to be a German to take advantage of this. It’s one of the only countries in the world to offer an incredible education for absolutely nothing.The cost of studying at the University of Kassel is low as compared to Anglo-American and Australian universities. Aside from the administration fee of approximately 250 Euros per terms no course fees are charged. You will be able to use public transportation free of charge throughout the state of Hessia and to nearby Goettingen with your university registration. Aside from the semestral administration fees you will have to pay for accommodation, food, and insurance yourself.