Academic Program

Course Program

The following courses will be offered at the 2013 IS4 in Kassel. All courses will be taught in English. Course materials will be provided by the instructors.


David Behm: Physiology of Strength, Power and Flexibility Training

This course will examine basic and advanced techniques in strength and power training with an emphasis on understanding the physiological mechanisms underlying the training adaptations.


Karin Volkwein-Caplan: Sport, Culture, and Society

The focus of the course is to analyze the social phenomena sport, fitness, and physical activity from an interdisciplinary and multi-cultural approach. Current topics in the field will be studied from various theoretical perspectives, including sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, and political science. Furthermore, the North American experience will be compared to the European, with special focus on Germany.


Manfred Wegner: Applied Sport Psychology

The course will focus on psychological concepts and theories as well as on strategies and techniques designed to help future coaches and sport psychologists cultivate peak performance and personal growth in the individual and in a group setting through recent advances in sport psychology.


Klaus-Jürgen Müller and Armin Kibele: Applied Sport Biomechanics

The course will focus on selected papers on applied sport biomechanical issue as well as on pilot studies designed and pursued by the participating students.