Karin Volkwein-Caplan, PhD: West Chester University, USA

is a Professor of Cultural Studies in the Department of Kinesiology at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, USA. Her research interests are cross-cultural comparisons, ethics, gender, ethnicity, gerontology and healthy aging.

David G. Behm, PhD: Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canad

is a Professor of Exercise Physiology at the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation at the Memorial University of Newfoundland,
Canada. His research interests involve examining changes in neuromuscular activation, muscle contractile properties and functional performance with exercise and work. Specific areas of concentration have included traditional and instability resistance training, velocity specificity of resistance training, static and dynamic stretching as well as the effects of fatigue among other topics.

Manfred Wegner, PhD, M.S.: University of Kiel, Germany

is a Professor for Sport Psychology and Movement Science at the
Institute for Sport Science of the University of Kiel, Germany. His
research is focused on psychological skill training, team building strategies, health psychology, and adapted physical activity.

Klaus-Jürgen Müller, PhD: University of Freiburg, Germany

is researcher at the at the Institute for Sports and Sport Science of the University of Freiburg, Germany. His work is focussed on the physiology and the mechanics of strength performance.

Armin Kibele, PhD: University of Kassel, Germany

is a Professor for Exercise Science and Movement Science at the Institute for Sport Science of the University of Kassel, Germany. His research fields relate to the biomechanics of swim start performance, to strength training issues, and to priming effects in sports.