In the seminar "Caring and Sharing of University Space", students deal with the socio-ecological building turnaround, space-sharing concepts, pedagogical space concepts, resource awareness and (spatial) sufficiency including space cushions in the form of a real-life laboratory in three planned focus blocks based on their own scarce working space situation.
The seminar is primarily aimed at students of Faculty 06, where new space use concepts are currently needed. However, the seminar is open to students from all other departments due to the transdisciplinary approach to sufficient use of space, energy efficiency measures and participation opportunities. The results should be transferable (e.g. in the form of a manual) to space usage issues throughout the university.
Valuing space as a scarce resource, energy efficiency in construction, energy-saving measures and upcycling also affect students' workplaces in the university context. The need for rooms for learning and teaching is high throughout the university, including at Faculty 06, where the Architecture, Urban and Landscape Planning course ideally has space for all students to work together on their projects, large plans and models. The space for this is scarce - how can it be distributed, used and shared?
The project seminar is fundamentally interdisciplinary - from architecture, urban planning and landscape planning together with educational sciences - and is designed as a kind of "real laboratory": Each block couples theoretical input with a practical exercise section based on specific usage issues in ASL's existing workspaces and the associated outdoor campus space, as well as with existing and no longer used stored furniture. In an experimental setting, students acquire important key skills for the transformation towards a more socio-ecological use of space. Open to interdisciplinary events such as key skills "Sustainability"

The project seminar is funded by the Green Office and supported by the Sustain Groups.

MI, 17.4. 13:00-16:0

FR, 19.4., 13:00
SEMINAR-INTRO with GabuHeindl, Mara Benteler, Henrik Neusüß

WHO: Henrik Neusüß
26.04.2024 13:00
27.04.2024 10:00
Topics: SPACE as a scarce resource ACCESS to spaces / CARE / SHARING of spaces between A S L
Quantitative and qualitative mapping of student workspaces in Faculty 06: The aim is to record their status quo and reflect on workspace concepts tested to date.
What are good conditions for caring and sharing spaces? The analysis of shared spaces in collective projects and public places should help to develop feasible visions for the future and support the new work concepts and use of space.
Space mapping / creation of a manual for use
Create a survey

Block 2: FURNISHING - indoor and outdoor space
WHO? Mara Benteler
Fri, 7.6.2024 13:00
Sat, 8.6. 2024 10:00
How can the existing be transformed through up-cycling?
The quality of the workspace is strongly influenced by the furnishings. In the theoretical part, the development of furniture in workspaces is examined historically. In practice, existing furniture in temporary storage is examined for upcycling possibilities and converted for further use in an upcycling workshop.
Survey results
Upcycling hands-on workshop / creation of manual for furnishing
WHO: Gabu Heindl
21.6.2024 13:00
22.6.2024 10:00
Which spatial concepts support which teaching? After an interdisciplinary analysis of concepts from pedagogical science (in cooperation with expert:in from FB01), the existing room utilization concepts of A, S, L are revised, their conception sharpened, advantages and disadvantages presented, and prepared as a basis for decision-making for a plenary session.
2 different room concepts
OVERVIEW: PRESENTATION / event / plenary session with students