Teachers: Prof. Gabu Heindl, W/M Iva Marčetić, W/M Florine Schüschke

1st meeting: Thursday April 18, 10 am, place to be announced

Thursdays 10:00-13:00

in german and english


C-2.1-65 (Research Studio)


C-2.1-40, C-2.1-52, D-2.1-40, C-1.0-40, C-2.0-40, A-2.0-40


This research studio is taking place in cohesion to our design Studio 'RUINS OF SPECULATION - Redesigning the vacant Elb-Tower'. In the Research seminar, we analyse the real estate giant SIGNA in order to retrace the steps towards its financial collapse and to understand the outmoded premisses of the construction industry that conceived this tower. Next to this, we deepen our understanding of forms of ownership structures for the common good. Taking as an example the vacant Elb Tower, that is equally our object of interest in the design studio, we then want to find common-good-oriented alternatives for running this tower. With mappings, diagrams and systemic drawings, we work on finding answers to the questions of how can the tower be collectively owned? How will the takeover be financed? Which legal system is needed for this?