Prof. Dr. Gabu Heindl

Lecture Contents:
- Construction Economies: Diverse Economies
- Renovation, Continuation, Non-construction: Planning in the Context of Post-Growth
- Construction Policy in Architecture and Urban Restructuring
- Costs of Construction I: concerning calculation bases, cost breakdowns, and fee regulations
- Costs of Construction II: resource scarcity, gray and golden energy, construction industry crisis
- Construction Industry - post-colonial
- Property Ownership, Financing, Ownership Structures
- Public Construction Industry, Common Good, Cooperatives, Commons
- Democracy and Participation in Project Development

Wednesdays 10:30 AM in Lecture Hall 3 CC
Thursdays 6:30 PM in Lecture Hall 4 CC

Special Dates:
Wed, April 17th: First lecture
Thu, April 18th: Public discussion on vacancy in Kassel.
Thu, June 20th: Guest lecture on competition procedures by CCEA Prague.
Thu, June 6th: Cooperation date with @sffkassel Students for future Kassel.

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Module No. C-1.1-05