We offer opportunities for intercultural exchange through international programs for students, insitutional cooperation and cooperation between individual departments.

In­­­for­m­a­­ti­on for Re­fu­gees

If you are a refugee in Germany and are interested in studying at Kassel University, in addition to enrolling into one of our programs as a regular student, you might be eligible for the status of exchange student (if you are currently enrolled into a university at your home country) or guest auditor (this is an opportunity for joining selected courses upon the instructor's agreement).

For more information about the exchange student status and on how to submit the application, please contact Ms. Berit Hupke at the University International Office:
Email: refugees.welcome[at]uni-kassel[dot]de
Phone: 0561 804-3277
Walk-in consultation hours: Mon, Tue and Thu 1 – 3 pm
Campus Center, Moritzstraße 18, room 2128a

For more information about the guest auditor status and on how to submit the application please contact Ms. Nicole Carl at the University International Office:
E-Mail: ncarl[at]
Phone: 0561 804-3641 (Tuesday and Wednesday, 10:00-12:00 only)

Funding Opportunities

ASL-International Scholarship for Doctoral Students and Postdocs

ASL-International supports international research travel ASL doctoral and postdoctoral fellows. Payment is made as a reimbursement of travel expenses. The proposed travel must take place between 01 Apr 2024 and 1 October 2024. In separate cases, applications for active participation (presentation) at international conferences will also be considered: applicants are encouraged to consult with Nachwuchsförderung first.
To apply, please send a description of your project along with basic information about the planned trip by 15 April 2024. Application should include information about research project, destination, travel dates and research agenda, and estimated cost, and be submitted in to

ASL-International Scholarship for Doctoral Students and Postdocs: E-Mail


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Help with Visa and Residence Questions

Dear international students and doctoral candidates, the International Office of the University of Kassel now has a new position that will be available to help you with visas and other matters regarding your residency status in Germany.

Svetlana Winter | Visa and Residence
+49 561 804-2210
Hours: Tue and Thu, 13:00 bis 15:00


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Erasmus FB06 I ASL

As part of the Erasmus program, we promote exchanges in Europe. We offer advice on applying for financial support, help with contacting host universities and much more.

Erasmus FB06 I ASL: More Infos

ISZ Lan­gua­ge Cent­re I Universität Kassel

Pre-study and study-accompanying language and key qualification courses for undergraduates, graduate students and employees.

ISZ Lan­gua­ge Cent­re I Universität Kassel: Forward
Image: Nikolai Brenner

Meet and Speak - Ex­per­i­ence Lan­guage

Leisure activities in foreign languages for native speakers and language students.

Meet and Speak - Ex­per­i­ence Lan­guage: More Infos
Image: Studio Blofield

Buddy programs

Students of the University of Kassel accompany international students on campus and during their studies

Buddy programs: More Infos
Image: Sonja Rode

Writing Advisory Service

Support in writing texts for studies - such as seminar papers, bachelor's or master's theses

Writing Advisory Service: More Infos

Paula Rönnau

Tutorin für Erasmus

E-Mail      erasmus[at]asl.uni-kassel[dot]de