Building with the Crazy Army // Santiago Cirugeda // Recetas Urbanas (Architekt, Sevilla)

Architect Santiago Cirugeda is the founder of Recetas Urbanas [ en. Urban Recipes ] a design and advocacy collective of architects, lawyers and social workers, based in Seville, Spain. Known for their self-build projects that rely on local participation for construction, Recetas Urbanas use locally sourced, second or third-hand materials to complete their mobile structures. The studio has worked with more than 7.000 individuals internationally, from all walks of life, social backgrounds, abilities and ages. Activating different areas of urban reality, their projects are at the same time highly functional, legally provocative, and exploit the legalities surrounding the occupation of public space. All it negotiating between the legality and illegality, remembering the enormous control which we are put under.

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