Florine Schüschke (M.A.)

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin I Fachgebiet Bauwirtschaft I Projektentwicklung

Gottschalkstraße 24
34127 Kassel
Gottschalk 24, Torhaus B, Raum 0113

Vita  (Florine Schüschke (M.A.))

Florine Schüschke works at the intersection of art, urban practice, and public good oriented urban research. Her work focuses on instruments of urban development that enable common practices and the development of common resources. She has researched the consequences of the privatization of municipal real estate in Berlin by mapping the sales of state-owned housing and land after 1989. Florine studied architecture at the University of the Arts Berlin, University of Illinois in Chicago and École des Beaux Arts Lyon. Florine is co-founder of the Berlin based collective urban fragment observatory that challenges the status quo of the real estate industry with actions and concepts that would produce a more environmentally and socially responsible approach to building. The Collective’s main tools are exhibitions, interventions in public space  and film works. Together they published the book Visiting Inken Baller and Hinrich Baller. Berlin 1968-89.

Student assistants


Sabine Conti

Iva Čukić

Ehemaliges Team

Johanne Pook - B.Sc. Architektur 

Johann Taillebois - M.Sc. Stadt- und Regionalplanung

Moritz Böttjer - B.Sc. Architektur

Lili Bergmann - M.Sc. Architektur

Vincent Hildenhagen - B.Sc. Stadt- und Regionalplanung

Christian Burkhard - Lehrauftrag 

Conny Weckmann - Lehrauftrag 

Bettina Köhler - Lehrauftrag

Jochen Vollmer - Lehrauftrag

Nicole Reppin - Dipl.-Geogr.