Iva Marcetic (M.Sc.)

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin I Fachgebiet Bauwirtschaft I Projektentwicklung

Gottschalkstraße 24
34127 Kassel
Gottschalk 24, Torhaus B, Raum 0113

Vita  (Iva Marcetic (M.Sc.))

Iva Marčetić holds a Master degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Her primary field of interest is the interconnection between architecture, planning and housing policies in an effort to improve the material conditions of urban life. She has actively worked on democratization of urban planning mechanisms and improving housing rights in Croatia and the region. In 2021 she was appointed by the mayor of Zagreb as head of the Commission for improving the management of city owned property. She is one of the founding members of European cooperative society MOBA that works on establishing funding for cooperative housing projects in the region of South east and central Europe and a longtime member and coordinator of Right to the city organization from Zagreb.  As part of the architectural collective Pulska grupa she represented Croatia in the 13th Biennial of Architecture in Venice with their work “Unmediated democracy needs unmediated space”. She is the author of the book “Housing policy in service of social and spatial (in)equalities”.

Student assistants


Sabine Conti

Iva Čukić

Ehemaliges Team

Johanne Pook - B.Sc. Architektur 

Johann Taillebois - M.Sc. Stadt- und Regionalplanung

Moritz Böttjer - B.Sc. Architektur

Lili Bergmann - M.Sc. Architektur

Vincent Hildenhagen - B.Sc. Stadt- und Regionalplanung

Christian Burkhard - Lehrauftrag 

Conny Weckmann - Lehrauftrag 

Bettina Köhler - Lehrauftrag

Jochen Vollmer - Lehrauftrag

Nicole Reppin - Dipl.-Geogr.