Self-Help On­line Ukrai­ne

After the invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, more than 14 million Ukrainians had to flee their country, or were internally displaced, giving rise to the largest human displacement crisis in the world today. Our early onlineassessment of the mental health of 1165 Ukrainian help-seekers across the European Union and Ukraine show that Ukrainian refugees, internally displaced are at exceptionallyhigh risk of depression and have high stress level. To help learning how to overcome high levels of stress, EPIE team members Anastasiya-Mariya Asanov Noha, Igor Asanov and Guido Buenstorf developed an online stress management course (Self-Help Online) . It uses effective offline materials developed by the WHO to help refugees and was tested by our team for the online learning format. The online course on stress management is designed for Ukrainian refugees and temporarily displaced persons who are under severe stress. It is provided free of charge thanks to the financial support of INCHER.

Access to the course: https://www.sho4ukraine.com/

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Asanov Noha, A.M., Asanov, I. and Buenstorf, G., 2022. Mental health and stress level of Ukrainians seeking psychological help online.medRxiv, pp.2022-08.