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From the left: Sven Christens, Philipp Händel, Elina Khachatryan, Sonja Zitzelsberger, Astrid Dannenberg, Marcel Lumkowsky, Christiane Großberndt


“Solarcampus” wins Hessian Teaching Award

The course Solarcampus has been awarded with the “Hessischer Hochschulpreis für Exzellenz in der Lehre” (Hessian University Award for Excellence in Teaching). The Minister of Science, Angela Dorn, presented the 1st prize, worth 60.000 Euros, on 2nd July 2020 in Wiesbaden.

Solarcampus has been organized at the University of Kassel for 30 semesters. The idea of this special course is to let the students work like an engineering office, which helps local organizations and practitioners to become more sustainable and energy efficient. Highlights of the course include collaborations with the prison in Kassel and the cinema group Filmladen Kassel e.V. (see here).

The award was granted to Prof. Dr. Klaus Vajen, Dominik Ritter and Dieter Kreibaum from the Department of Solar and Systems Engineering, Prof. Dr. Astrid Dannenberg from the Department of Environmental and Behavioral Economics and Prof. Dr. Heike Wetzel and Victor von Loessl from the Department of Energy Economics.

Link to press release (in German)


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The choice of institutions to solve cooperation problems: a survey of experimental research

Astrid Dannenberg and Carlo Gallier

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