Rare and en­dangered plant spe­cies

Pop­u­la­tion ge­netic stud­ies on rare en­dangered plant spe­cies

We conduct population genetic studies on Jurinea cyanoides, Onosma arenaria, Silene otites and many other species. Analyses are conducted in cooperation with conservation agencies to identify inbreeding, diversity, hybridization, or population differentiation. Recommendations are used for reintroduction to strengthen small and endangered sites, as well as cultivation in conservation crops outside the natural site.

Image: B. Gemeinholzer
Jurinea cyanoides in the nature reserve Mainzer Sand.
Image: B. Gemeinholzer
Onosma arenaria culture experiments at the Justus Liebig University Giessen.
Image: B. Gemeinholzer
Alyssum montanum ssp. gmelinii in the nature reserve Mainzer Sand.


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