Energy transfer

We use macroscopic QED to investigate and control different energy transfer processes in realistic environments, such as near macroscopic bodies, near additional particles or immersed in a solvent.

Interatomic Coulombic and and Auger decay

Interatomic Coulombic decay (ICD) and Auger decay can be competing decay processes.

Process rate:

In a doubly excited HeNe-dimer, ICD and Auger decay are both available decay channels. Placing a dielectric material close to the atomic system can alter the ratio ΓICDAuger between ICD and Auger decay rates.

Chiral resonance energy transfer

Resonance energy transfer (RET) between chiral molecules can be used to discriminate between different enantiomers.

In the discrimination od chiral molecules via RET the degree of discrimination S is enhanced by different solvents. The degree of discrimination depends on the molecules' distance r. A chiral solvent can enhance the acceptor actively.