Kti11 – a ver­­­sa­­ti­­le par­t­­ner of pro­­­te­in com­­ple­­xes with ro­­les in cell pro­­­li­­fe­ra­­ti­on

Intriguingly, Elongator partner protein Kti11 not only mediates cell death by zymocin but is also known as Dph3. Dph3 is one of five components that are required for diphthamide synthesis on translational elongation factor EF2. Although the physiological role of diphthamide is unknown, this exotic protein modification serves as the target for lethal ADP-ribosylation of EF2 by bacterial toxins including diphtheria toxin and exotoxin A. So, Kti11/Dph3 appears to be a versatile partner of proteins involved in cell proliferation and growth. Not surprisingly, the mammalian homolog of DPH1, encoding a partner of Kti11/Dph3, is known as a tumour suppressor gene in ovarian cancer (OVCA1) formation.