Sommersemester 2012

DatumGastTitel des Vortrages
17.04.2012Prof. Ivan Powis, School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham, UK"Emerging Directions in Photoionization"
21.05.2012Dr. Ghassen Dridi,
Université de Bourgogne
"Adiabatic passage for quantum dissapative systems: effect of exceptional point on population transfer"
13.06.2012Prof. Dr. Moshe Shapiro,
UBC, Department of Chemistry, Canada
"Linear Response in the Strong Field Domain and EIT"
15.06.2012Prof. Dr. Tamar Seidemann,
Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics, Northwestern University
"Coherent Alignment in Complex Media"
18.06.2012Dr. Enrico da Como, LMU München"Optical probes of transient electroic states in carbon nanostructures"