Re­se­arch Ac­tivi­ties


Dis­or­der-in­du­ced tran­si­ti­on good ground-sta­te see­ker to glas­sy be­ha­vi­or in two-di­men­sio­nal en­sem­bles ma­gne­tic na­no­par­ti­cles

Spin-Or­bit In­ter­ac­tion and Elec­tron Mo­ti­on cen­tral for the Ma­gne­tiza­t­i­on Dy­na­mics in Tran­si­ti­on-Me­tal Al­loys

Elec­tro­nic Theo­ry of the Ma­gne­tic Or­der, An­iso­tro­py and Re­ver­sal Pro­ces­ses in Rol­led-Up Stri­pes and Thin Films

Den­si­ty-ma­trix func­tio­nal theo­ry of the attrac­tive Hub­bard mo­del: Sta­tis­ti­cal ana­lo­gy of pai­ring cor­re­la­ti­ons