Sustainable water management in the tropics and subtropics

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The book "Sustainable water management in the tropics and subtropics - and case studies in Brazil" is the result of a joint initiative between the Federal University of Pampa (Jaguarao Campus, Brazil ) and the University of Kassel (Germany). It is also supported by the Culture and Society Postgaruate Programme of the Federal University of Maranahao (PGCult / UFMA), the Federla University of Lavras, Brazil, and the German-Brazilian Chamber.

The publication aims to gather scientific production on water from Brazil and other parts of the world in a multidisciplinary way. Its common theme should make it a global book. The 53 articles of the first volume deal with Water and Agriculture. The 30 articles of the second volume adress Water and its technologies. The 50 articles of the third volume show research on Water and Environment. The 62 articles of the fourth volume and final volume adress Water Management.

Two years after its inception, the organizers present this book, hoping that the four volumes will contribute significantly to the ongoing debate about water management.

contact : Dr. Carolina Bilibio [carolina.bilibio[at][dot]br]