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The only current textbook on process engineering in crop production - basic knowledge compact and clear. From soil cultivation to sowing techniques, fertilization, plant protection and irrigation to the harvesting of long and short crops, cereals, potatoes and sugar beets - this modernly designed title makes it easy to start studying without any special prior knowledge. A uniform chapter structure with learning objectives, didactic boxes, definitions, mnemonics, summaries at the end of chapters, and numerous catchy illustrations facilitate learning. Examination questions to check the learning success consolidate the knowledge acquired. Process Engineering in Plant Production is the counterpart to Animal Husbandry Technology - ideal for all bachelor's students of agricultural sciences to start their studies and successfully prepare for exams.

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Aeration hay : quality - process - cost

Year of publication 2017 64 pages - booklet

Aerated hay represents a very interesting alternative to other coarse feeds. Due to modern efficient technology, nowadays feed qualities are achievable that meet modern ruminant nutrition. Like ground hay, aeration hay is pre-dried in the field. However, before high crumb losses occur, aeration hay with a comparatively high residual moisture content is salvaged and dried under cover either in boxes as loose hay or in bale form to a stable storage moisture content. The booklet describes what characterizes good quality aeration hay and how it can be produced. It describes how to ensure good quality already at harvest. Various ways of heating and dehumidifying the drying air are shown, and processes for drying loose hay and in bales are described. Investment costs and energy requirements are determined for model plants. Four practical examples from different regions in Germany and one practical example from Poland provide insights into current experiences and various approaches to solutions for the individual farm design of hay drying systems. The booklet is aimed primarily at practitioners, consultants and trainers.

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Agricultural solutions for weed control in organic farming

In a technical meeting held in Witzenhausen in January 2011, representatives from practice, consulting and science discussed agricultural solutions for weed control in organic farming. The expert meeting was organized by the University of Kassel, Department of Agricultural Engineering, in cooperation with the Board of Trustees for Technology and Construction in Agriculture (KTBL) and the German Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture (DITSL), and was supported with funds from the German Federal Program for Organic Farming and Other Forms of Sustainable Agriculture (BÖLN). The technical papers and other reports have now been compiled in an up-to-date handbook. With forty articles on 288 pages, 145 illustrations (mostly in color) and 30 tables, a comprehensive book has been produced that presents practical and advisory approaches and offers suggestions for further developments and projects.

ISBN: 978 - 3 - 9801686 - 8 - 7

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