Overview of courses in the field

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Practical relevance of the teaching modules:

Where possible,teaching is embedded in the context of biodynamic practice. Thus, almost all of our teaching modules include practical excursions lasting several days. We regularly take groups of students on field trips to the Dottenfelder Hof, the Hofgemeinschaft Heggelbach, the Hofgut Rengoldshausen, as well as to scientific research, such as the long-term experiment INBIODYN on biodynamic viticulture at the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences and at the Forschungsring e.V. in Darmstadt.

In the conversion group, we work with student project groups over 2 semesters to develop concepts for converting real farms to biodynamic management and/or optimize farms that are already biodynamic. (In 2020/21 Omega 3 Farm Hamel).

Teaching modules (Kusche and Fritz):

Winter term:

Summer semester:

As well as recurring guest lectures, workshops and excursions.