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Notes on the preparation of theses at the department

Please contact us with your ideas and questions regarding the supervision of your thesis. In an initial consultation, you can find out about the topics currently available and how we work in the supervision of theses at the department.



Topics of completed theses (excerpt)

A sustainable business model approach to advance the adoption of agroforestry for the region of Lower Bavaria, Germany

Exploring the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on human-nature interactions and people's relationship with nature in Germany

Social Impacts and Adoption of Sustainable Practices in Conventional Banana Production. Combining quantitative methods and qualitative content analysis on data from the conventional banana sector in Ecuador and Colombia.

Sustainable Place-Based Community Initiatives as Spaces Strengthening Human-Nature Relationships

Information and communication in transition - the development of digital literacy during the Corona pandemic

Packaging waste prevention and resource conservation through reusable deposit systems for takeaway food - A qualitative analysis of facilitating and inhibiting factors from the consumer's perspective

Online marketing platforms for regional organic producers - a strategic analysis using the example of Berlin-Brandenburg

The role of administrative staff as change agents for innovations in sustainable land management - an explorative study using the example of agroforestry in the state of Brandenburg

An Evaluation of Formative Influences and Perspectives of Early-Career Transdisciplinary Researchers

Potentials and limitations of insects to close the protein gap in the feed value chain

Promoting paludiculture as a climate change mitigation tool in the European Commission's Common Agricultural Policy

Unpacked shopping as a social innovation in organic supermarkets - An analysis of customer acceptance and satisfaction of the "unpacked" department

Identification of potential areas for meadow protection in the Spreewald biosphere reserve using the participatory mapping method

Development of innovations for the extensive management of peatland sites: management challenges for involved stakeholders

Environment analysis for direct marketing goat cheese producers in the Wendland region

Social sustainability: a discourse analysis of biofuel stakeholders in Brazil and Germany

Cooperative innovation processes for sustainable land management - creation, development and achievements of innovation communities for integrated sustainable landscape management

Sustainable food systems and lateral entrants: entrepreneurial challenges and the role of innovation

Analysis of egg consumption in Taiwan

Agricultural policy in the climate protection plan 2015: A policy field analysis of structures, processes, actors

Explorative study on the marketing of beer with historic malting barley varieties

Tensions in Sustainability Marketing - Perspectives on the Identification of New Target Groups for the Dual-Use Chicken

Participatory Decision Support Systems for Sustainability Assessment - Implications arising from Innovation Management in Sustainable Land Management

Institutional Framework of the Technological Innovation System "Aquaponics

The potential of kitchen gardens as an innovation to improve food security and livelihoods for small scale farmers in rural Tanzania. Perspectives from three case studies in the Dodoma and Morogoro regions in Tanzania.

Requirements of sustainability innovations for innovation management - an analysis of innovation processes and methods

Innovation Pathway of Aquaponics and sustainability

Improving Resources of Small-Scale Aquaculture Farmers in the Philippines: Role and Potential of Cooperation