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Agrarian masculinities: Tradition and Change

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While we can see evidence of masculinities shifting and changing in urban spaces, what about masculinities in rural areas? Are they just as dynamic? And if so, how are they framed differently when they intersect with class, race, ethnicity, age, sexuality, and disability? This seminar takes up these questions, drawing on research that has explored meanings of rural masculinities in spaces and practices ranging from organic farming, alcohol consumption, and romance to hunting, parenting, and nationalism. It will challenge you to rethink your own ideas and experiences of rural masculinities and to consider the ways in which the politics of representation of rural masculinities affect our everyday lives.


Language: English with German translation via Zoom


Info about the Advisers


Barbara Pini is a professor in the Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences at Griffith University. She grew up on a sugar cane farm in northern Queensland, Australia. Her doctoral research focused on gender relations in the Australian sugar industry. Since completing her PhD, she has conducted a wide range of studies on integration and belonging in rural communities, including studies on disability, social class, sexuality, and gender. Her most recent work examines the reproduction of settler colonialism in social media about women farmers.


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