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We approach the topic of gender.power.agriculture. from different points of view. For this we have invited different people: Researchers, farmers and activists talk about their work and struggles, their experiences and hopes. We learn how gender oppression in agriculture has grown historically and is expressed in today's production patterns. We take a closer look at the history of enslaved women and the impact of colonialism. We also question our notions of what constitutes masculinity in rural areas and how that affects our relationship to nature. The second half of the event series will look at the experiences of queer people in gardening projects and the potentials and limitations of alternative forms of farming within the capitalist mode of production. We look at the successes and current struggles of women and queer people within the international small-scale farming movement, before asking in the final panel discussion what the next steps towards more gender-equitable education and practice in agriculture need to look like.

All 7 lectures will be broadcast hybrid!: Zoom link for online dial-in

Meeting ID: 932 5419 2739
Identification code: 756122

Dial-in via browser or telephone is unfortunately not possible for data protection reasons. Likewise, our events are not recorded.


All events will be translated from German into English or from English into German. The respective translation will be available online via Zoom as an additional channel. The respective original language of an event is indicated at each event. We are happy if people who listen to the translation channel still participate in the events in presence and dial in directly in the room. Live translation of questions and discussion contributions is possible.

Interpreting for the series of events is carried out by students from the Würzburg School of Interpreting. This student project allows students to gain valuable practical experience during their training.


The lecture series is organized by students of the University of Kassel in cooperation with the local association Witzenhausen Solidarisch.

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