Witzenhausen and Colonialism 1898|2023 From Colonial Past to Present Responsibility?

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Continuation of the work

In the year of remembrance 2023/24, 125 years after the founding of the German Colonial School, a wide range of topics relating to history, remembrance, responsibility and the future were addressed in a variety of formats. The response to the events showed that there is great interest in engaging with and discussing different positions. Dealing with history is never finished and is a continuous process.

For this reason, the open working group of groups, institutions and individuals from the university and the town community continues to meet.

Witzenhausen and colonialism

From colonial past to present-day responsibility?

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Next working group meeting

The next meeting of the working group will take place digitally.

18.04.24 12.00-14.00


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125 Years German Colonial School Witzenhausen

2023 marks the 125th anniversary of the founding of the German Colonial School (DKS) in Witzenhausen. The DKS marks a foundation of the agricultural history of the research and teaching location Witzenhausen. At the same time, the DKS is clearly part of a colonial tradition, in the context of which serious human rights crimes were committed.

Follow-up report on Action Day 2.0 - It's our turn

The pioneering role of science on the path from (neo-)colonial structures to partnership-based cooperation and responsibility 2.0"

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