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Individual appointment


The emancipatory potential of alternative agricultural practices - gender-sensitive reflections.

Content of the lecture


Agriculture is gender coded in terms of its material relations as well as its symbolic orders. The lecture outlines the power and domination relations that go hand in hand with this and asks about the potential of alternative agricultural practices to break them up. Perspectives of producers of alternative agriculture will be presented and it will be shown how gender relations shape their way of life and where the specifics of alternative agriculture offer spaces beyond normative gender relations.


Language: German with English translation via Zoom

Information about the Advisers


Carla Wember

Agricultural sociologist at the Institute for Rural Structural Research Frankfurt, has investigated gender relations in alternative agriculture in her dissertation and is currently researching European agricultural policy, rural development and critical perspectives on socio-ecological transformation.

Dr. Marie Reusch

Political scientist at the University of Giessen, researches and teaches on gender relations, research on right-wing extremism and socio-ecological transformation as well as on the intersections of these topics.

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