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Queer Gardening- Queer Feminist Ecologies in North America- Film and Conversation.

Content of the event


The film" Queer Gardening" is part of the series of films under the motto "Another world is plantable!". The series focuses on urban gardening and community gardens around the world, as well as theater, performances, and podcasts on changing the urban food system, and the like. In our opinion, the content of the film is best described by a quote from Ella von der Haide herself: " The stories about nature, evolution and naturalness are still very powerful and their post/de-colonial or queer-feminist deconstruction isstill in its infancy.My films (hopefully) relativize and decentralize heteronormative biologism and hegemonic Western ecology. In the film 'Queer Gardening' about LGBTQIA2* gardeners* in North America - many of whom are PoC - I show how queer feministecologiesrelate to a 'queer ethic of care ' that has emerged in thequeer community in dealing with the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the formation of families of choice " (Ella von der Haide). Following the film, there will be a conversation with Ella von der Haide including dicsussions and questions.


Language: Film in English with German subtitles. Discussion in German, English-German translation will be provided.


Information about the Advisers


Ella von der Haide

Performance/theater/media artist, filmmaker, graduate engineer in urban and regional planning, landscape gardener

Education: GaLa, studied landscape architecture and regional planning, since 2004 documentary films about agriculture, gardens and how another world could look like. Spent time in ecovillages and organic farms on and off for over 15 years. Since 2017 lecture-performances on Queer Ecology and since 2019 independent media artist.

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