Scientific theses

The Department of International Agricultural Policy and Environmental Governance is looking forward to supporting you in your bachelor, master and project thesis topics. Below you can click through to more concrete suggestions for topics. Your own suggestions for topics are explicitly welcome. Rough topic areas in which our suggestions range:

- Comparative research on the determinants and impacts of organic farming and
natural resource management regimes (water, soil, biodiversity, pasture management,
climate change) and their links to the food system.

- European agricultural policy, European environmental policy and food policy and their
implications for Germany and European member countries

- Agroecology in Germany, the EU, North Africa and the Middle East

- Governance/regulatory processes, control measures and policy development in the fields of
organic agriculture and animal welfare

- Food system governance and regulation of food production and trade

- Innovation and new organizational forms/ governance/ regulatory regimes in the food system
and their determinants and performance, e.g. solidarity farming

- Organic farming regions in Germany and the EU

- Environmental policy integration and agricultural policy - research on the water, energy, food and
ecology exus

- Water and agricultural governance/regulatory processes in Germany and the
Iberian Peninsula and the Middle East and North Africa region.

- Irrigation management and climate change in Ethiopia and East Africa.

A list of details of possible qualifying theses (project, bachelor's, master's, etc.) are listed here as well as on the department's bulletin board in the monastery, 1st floor in front of rooms 1118-1120. These are based on interests of department members.


Biosphere Reserve Rhön

The Biosphere Reserve Rhön provides topic proposals for a scientific work. Some of the advertised topics are very well suited for processing in cooperation with our department. The cooperation is explicitly supported by the biosphere reserve administration and the department management.

If you are interested in special work (doctoral theses or projects) that is currently going on at the department, please contact the corresponding staff members directly.