Job of­fers and join-in activ­it­ies

Of­fers of the sec­tion

It is pos­sible to take part in the Or­ganic Out­door To­mato Pro­ject!

In particular, schools, the advisory service of the garden clubs, and businesses that sell young plants, can participate.

It is possible to take part in the Organic Outdoor Tomato Project!: Read More

Ex­ternal of­fers

Staff wanted for grain breed­ing/pro­ject co­ordin­a­tion at Dot­ten­feld­er­hof

Training in an existing breeding programme with the possibility of taking over responsibility/setting up a new breeding programme. Considerable room for development and independent work in a motivated team and a positive working atmosphere. [Additional information is available in German only!]

Staff wanted for grain breeding/project coordination at Dottenfelderhof: More Infos

"Mit ver­ein­ten Gärten" [With united gar­dens]

Collaborative breeding project for new organic lettuce varieties from Sativa. [Additional information is available in German only!]

"Mit vereinten Gärten" <em>[With united gardens]</em>: More Infos

Staff wanted at the Key­ser­lingk In­sti­tute

Training in biodynamic breeding and Goethean botany. Individual breeding impulses are possible. We would like to see the research and breeding project on the wild cereal Dasypyrum villosum taken over and carried on. [Additional information is available in German only!]

Staff wanted at the Keyserlingk Institute: More Infos