Research projects

Cur­rent pro­jects

The Organic Outdoor Tomato Project

Scientific supervision: Dr Bernd Horneburg

The organic outdoor tomato project has existed since 2003 with up to 34 trial varieties in Germany. This project involves international cooperation between research institutions, consultants, botanical and amateur gardens and commercial horticulture.


Scientific supervision: Dr Bernd Horneburg

Breeding efficiency, yield performance and adaption of maize populations in different environments (organic, conventional) and development of a new maize population for science, breeding and practical agriculture.


Scientific supervision: Dr Bernd Horneburg

Selection of lentil (Lens culinaris L.) genotypes suited for sustainable cropping systems.

Optimising the organic breeding of sweetcorn

Scientific supervision: Dr Bernd Horneburg

The efficiency of the following breeding methods is being investigated for improving yield, uniformity and quality in population varieties: positive mass selection, full sibling selection, S2 line selection, DH line selection and recurrent haploid selection.

Completed projects


Scientific supervision: Dr Jelena Baćanović-Šišić

The project aim to improve transparency and competitiveness of the organic seed and breeding sector and encourage greater use of organic seed.


Scientific supervision: Prof Dr Gunter Backes

The project aims to contribute to the understanding of the optimal genetic diversity needed in wheat populations for future sustainable agricultural systems based on reduced tillage, the use of living mulch crops and otherwise enhanced intraspecific diversity.


Scientific supervision: Prof Dr Gunter Backes

The project aims to an integrated approach to diversify the genetic base, improve stress resistance, agronomic management and nutritional/processing quality of minor cereal crops for human nutrition in Europe.

Current and completed projects at other universities

Projecte at the Unviersity of Göttingen

Scientific supervision: Dr. Bernd Horneburg

Current projects

  • Quality of tomatoes in low-input conditions
  • Züchterische Verbesserung des Geschmacks von Tomaten durch sensorische und Marker gestützte Selektion [Breeding improvement of tomato taste through sensory and marker-assisted selection]
  • Improving peas for organic production: Weed tolerance and nitrogen allocation

Completed projects

  • Characterization of novel sources of resistance to Phytophthora infestans (late blight) in organic fresh market tomato
  • Standortspezifische Populationsentwicklung durch natürliche Selektion am Beispiel der Linse [Site-specific population development through natural selection illustrated with lentil]
  • Ausweitung des Sojaanbaus in Deutschland durch züchterische Anpassung sowie pflanzenbauliche und verarbeitungstechnische Optimierung [Expansion of soybean cultivation in Germany through breeding adaptation along with optimisation of crop cultivation and processing technology]
  • Radicchio und Zuckerhut (Cichorium intybus var. foliosum) – Entwicklung von Populationen und Züchtungsmethodik für den ökologischen Gemüsebau [Radicchio and sugar loaf (Cichorium intybus var. foliosum) - development of populations and breeding methodology for organic horticulture]